Caine’s Arcade



Build an old fashioned “arcade” out of cardboard and tape. I’ve done this twice with my grade 2/3 class. Once with grade 6 buddies and once partnered with another grade 2/3 class.

Rationale (Why we are doing this?)

  • Working in a group to brainstorm and create a game
  • Design rules and establish tiered reward for prizes
  • Working with money(math)
  • Creating an event that the whole school can participate in


  • Scrap/used cardboard (letter home asking parents, Costco, etc.)
  • Packing tape and tape guns
  • scissors for students and a box cutter for the teacher to use as needed (optional)
  • Prizes for the games (letter home asking for donations of unwanted toys or stuff from dollar store or
  • Prize tickets (dollar store)
  • classroom money

Context and Background Knowledge

Watch the Caine’s Arcade video on YouTube. Research old fashioned arcade games (look up “carnival games” or “cardboard arcade games” on Google)

Curricular Connections (Competencies and Content)

Add to other’s ideas Applied Design
Use trial and error to make changes, solve problems or incorporate new ideas from self or others Applied Design
Reflect on their ability to work effectively both as individuals and collaboratively in a group Applied Design
Develop their skills and add new ones through play and collaborative work Applied Skills
Generate and introduce new or refined ideas when problem solving Science – 2
Co-operatively design projects (Science-4)
Work respectively and constructively with others to achieve common goals (Career Education – 2)
Direct linear measurement (Math – 2/3)
Financial literacy (Math – 2/3)

Explore + Understand + Create (Key elements/Lesson Design/Format)

  1. Watch the Caine’s Arcade Video
  2. Brainstorm possible arcade games after researching on the internet
  3. Groups draw up the game they wish to make
  4. Start working with cardboard
  5. For younger grades the teachers can hand out strips of tape from the tape gun, older grades can use it themselves
  6. Pause and discuss what is working and what isn’t
  7. Once the arcade is finished discuss a consistent prize system (3 chances, wins 2 tickets, 5 tickets, 10 tickets)
  8. Decide 3 tiers of prizes and how many tickets are needed
  9. Invite other classes to come play! I provide the classes with play money so they can actually pay for the games.

Special Notes

I found a bunch of lesson plans here: