Intermediate Lessons

Introduction to Binary Numbers
Binary numbering system is the basis of how information is stored on a computer. By understanding how the binary number system works, it demonstrates how the computer reads the binary system. Go to Detailed Lesson
Using Scratch to tell a story
Scratch language provides a “drag and drop” style of programming language. What can be done can range from quite basic to surprisingly complex tasks. In this activity, students will complete a trans-curricular project which combines computational thinking, art, and language arts. In Scratch, students retell their favourite scene from a novel. This lesson is intended as an introduction to Scratch. Go to Detailed Lesson
Sorting Weights Using Algorithms
Students will sort a series of 8 identical containers from lightest to heaviest and write an algorithm explaining what they have done. An algorithm is a procedure or formula for solving a problem. Students will gain practice in writing an algorithm to achieve a simple task. Go to Detailed Lesson