Using Clay to Explore the Creatures and Characters from J.R.R. Tokien’s The Hobbit
clay_creaturesAs a trans-curricular “maker project” students complete a novel study on J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy classic The Hobbit and then enrich their understanding through an artistic, creative project with encourages comprehension, design, and creation. Student will create sculptures out of low-fire clay and glazes based on creatures and characters from Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Teachers may want to try pairing this with an inquiry-style, student directed approach to the traditional novel study by having students use a question generator and devise their own questions. As an idea, have the students put their questions up on large photocopied, coloured map of “Middle Earth” and have students answer the “Quest for Questions” as they journey to Lonely Mountain. Go to Detailed Lesson
Electric Motors
electric_motorAfter learning the basics of creating a circuit and electromagnetics, students design and create a simple electric motor. Students are encouraged to explore coil design, magnetic array, changing power sources, power sources. Go to Detailed Lesson
Weaving K-1
weavingIn this project, students build a weaving loom and create a woven piece on it. As part of the loom making process, students will use real tools including sandpaper, hammers and nails. They will also exercise their fine motor skills as they weave fibers onto the loom. Go to Detailed Lesson
Designing and Building Water Rockets
bottlerocketStudents design and test water rockets made from recyclable plastic bottles. Students are encouraged to prototype and experiment with aerodynamics by creating fins and tops for their rockets. Go to Detailed Lesson
Castle Building
castlesUsing a geometric map as a template, students construct a castle from individual hydrostone plaster bricks. Students are challenged to create proper angles of construction i.e. 90 degree corners, and maintain architecturally sound walls as the building progresses. Once the castle is constructed, students create a three dimensional setting on which to place the structure, using different types of art materials to create museum quality displays.

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Bird Houses
birdhousetUsing wood and woodworking tools students will create birdhouses. This project will allow for demonstrative and hands-on instruction that will aid in supporting the “Big Ideas” within the Applied Design, Skills and Technologies curriculum, as well as incorporating elements from Math, Art and Social Studies curriculum.

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Bracelet Making (Fundraiser)
necklaceAfter some discussion about a devastating forest fire in Alberta, students wanted to start a fundraiser to raise money and help the people of that city. We decided to make bracelets to give to the students at school who donated to the cause. The bracelets were a symbol of support and a sense of community.

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Caine’s Arcade
caines_arcadeBuild an old fashioned “arcade” out of cardboard and tape. I’ve done this twice with my grade 2/3 class. Once with grade 6 buddies and once partnered with another grade 2/3 class.

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Paper Tower Building Challenge
paperbuildingIn this activity students will work in groups to create the tallest possible structure out of scrap paper. This can be either a single or multi-session event.

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Straws and Connectors Roller Coaster
strawsBuild a roller coaster (Or any other structure) out of straws and connectors.

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Making a Tetrahedral Kite
tetrahedral_kitetStudents will make a Tetrahedral Kite and explore the forces that keep it aloft. They can further refine their design to maximize the lift created and minimize drag.

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dollUsing cardstock cut outs, material, thread, needles, stuffing and wool students will design and sew dolls to use in creating their doll community. This hands on instruction will support the big ideas in the Applied Design & Skills and Technologies curriculum, as well as incorporating elements from Math, Art and curriculum. Extensions of this project will cover Science, Math, Applied Design, Reading, Writing, Socials and Career Education.

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Rube Goldberg Machines
Using recycled and found objects, students design and build Rube Goldberg Machines! This project includes math and science activities, along with ADST!

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