Using cardstock cut outs, material, thread, needles, stuffing and wool students will design and sew dolls to use in creating their doll community. This hands on instruction will support the big ideas in the Applied Design & Skills and Technologies curriculum, as well as incorporating elements from Math, Art and curriculum. Extensions of this project will cover Science, Math, Applied Design, Reading, Writing, Socials and Career Education.

Rationale (Why we are doing this?)

When students apply skills and understanding in a tangible, “hands-on” way, learning is enhanced, higher thinking skills are developed, and learning is fun. By replicating a “real world” community and using problem solving strategies to achieve a functioning society students will gain an understanding of cooperation and the needs of society.


  • 35 sewing needles for kids
  • sewing baskets
  • sewing scissors
  • beads for necklaces and bracelets
  • string for necklaces and bracelets
  • 8 pincushions
  • fabric for doll clothes
  • google eyes for dolls
  • two boxes of pins to hold material still while sewing
  • Tracers for doll bodies (cardstock)
  • hot glue and hot glue guns
  • thread for doll bodies and clothes
  • wool
  • buttons

Context and Background Knowledge

Students will need basic instruction on how to thread & sew with a needle and an understanding of how fabric is sewn together and stuffing is placed inside prior to finishing. Students will need to be aware of how pieces go together to create a front and back side as well as the importance of lining pieces up.

Curricular Connections (Competencies and Content)

ADST – Grade 4

Explore + Understand + Create (Key elements/Lesson Design/Format)

  1. Make a product using known procedures or through modelling of others
  2. Identify how their product contributes to the individual, family, community, and/or environment


  • Trade between stores in doll world
  • Traditional clothes and beading-storytelling through beading
  • Weaving-combined with socials for first nations
  • Build traditional shelters
  • Potlach with dolls/diorama of scenarios
  • Mapping
  • Make clothes(hand stitiches or felting)
  • Felt in a bag-
  • Needle felting
  • Roller coaster: different tracks for friction comparison and coaster carts trial and error
  • Lamp for dolls using conductive thread
  • Wind powered car or tricycle for dolls
  • Murals for doll world?
  • Build buildings out of cardboard
  • Mail box
  • Parachute
  • Doll Book, vocabulary, write letters between characters (between classes/penpals), diary writing from dolls perspective
  • buy and sell goods and services in doll world (in free play?)

Special Notes

Let the students expand using their own brainstorming after reading a doll themed novel such as “The Doll People” by Ann Martin & Laura Godwin.