Sequencing – B


In this lesson, students will arrange objects in a logical order with increased complexity.

Rationale (Why we are doing this?)

Ordering and order processes are an important foundation to algorithmic thinking.


  • 3 film canisters filled with different amounts of rice (or similar filler)
  • Balance scale

Context and Background Knowledge

Students should be proficient in comparing objects and sorting them based on a single attribute

Curricular Connections (Competencies and Content)

Use multiple strategies to engage in problem solving (Math – Gr. 2)
Use technology appropriately to explore mathematics, solve problems, record, communicate, and represent thinking (Math – Gr. 2)

Explore + Understand + Create (Key elements/Lesson Design/Format)

  1. In pairs or individually, students use a balance scale to compare the weight of 2 (of 10 total) film canisters
  2. The film canisters are repeatedly compared and placed from heaviest to lightest, adjustments being made as new discoveries are made
  3. Students are encouraged to explain their reasoning/placements with their peer/teacher

View YouTube link for a more complex version of this lesson in action:


  • This activity would likely be carried out as a “station,” in pairs or individually, depending on how many sets of canisters/balance scales are available
  • Students can be challenged to order the canisters using the least amount of comparisons possible


Please be aware of safety elements when doing this. There is potential for a rocket to hit someone’s face. Rockets can generate force and the observing from a safe distance is important. Students and staff that are launching were wearing hockey masks. Consider using safety glasses as an alternative and have the class observe from a safe distance (20 meters) that allows mass and velocity to be reduced.